Full Service Oil Change $39.99

$36.99 Includes a 20 Point Inspection:

Change Oil (up to 5 quarts) 
Replace Oil Filter
Lubricate Chassis 
Inspect Air Filter
Inspect Cabin Filter
Inspect PCV Valve 
Check Lights 
Check Wiper Blades 
Check Belts 
Check Tires 
Check Brake Fluid
Test Battery Amps
Check Auto Transmission Fluid
Check Clutch Fluid 
Check & topped off Power Steering Fluid
Check & topped off Radiator Fluid
Check & topped off Window Washer Fluid
Check Manual Transmission Fluid
Check Rear Differential Fluid
Check Front Differential Fluid
Check Transfer Case Fluid

Price List

Air Filter $14.99 & up
Wipers $20.00 & up
Belts $59.99 & up
Fuel Filter $32.99
Radiator Purge $99.99
Transmission Fluid Exchange $149.99 & up
Differential Service $49.99 & up
Fuel Injection $29.99 & up
Spark Plugs $59.99 & up
Spark Plugs and Wires $99.99 & up
Battery Replacement $79.99 & up
Brake Service $149.99 and up per Axle

Air Conditioning Service $89.99 includes R-134a

Some Additional Services Not Listed


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  • Fluids are topped off only if the vehicle takes basic generic fluids.

  • Extra charge for specialty fluids.

  • Above 5 QTS add $2.99 and up/ Canned oil add $10.

  • Synthetic oil add $40/ $8.99 per quart above 5 quarts

  • Own oil or filter deduct $2 Each.